The finishing up of Manila Sunset sees an end to all our charity work. We are proud to have been involved in helping so many people.


Manila Sunset, in conjunction with BM Express and the Philippine Red Cross, are collecting goods to help those affected by the recent Typhoon Yolanda disaster in the Philippines.
We are aiming for as many boxes of help as we can get - can you help?

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  Due to a relationship to the Quezon City Baragay of Payatas, we at Manila Sunset have a special attachment for the area. More than a place in which to stay while away, it has become a second home to us.

  Brad (Manila Sunset owner) met Pastor Jack Wilson of the 'Payatas Outreach Mission' on Facebook a couple of years ago, he also developed a special relationship with the area after a visit and now calls the area home as he tries to help the poor kids of the area.  

  Colourd Star Charities is a new organisation set up by a friend of Brad who wished to help kids in the Philippines.

  After an initial charity recipient failed, Brad saw a great opportunity to finally help those back in his second home. He brought the idea up of Colourd Star helping Pastor Jack and his amazing work.

  The rest is now history.
  If you are able to help Pastor Jack and the kids of Payatas please do, it is a very worthy charity that helps the Payatas young have a brighter life than they otherwise could expect.

Donations can be made via the their website.

In Sydney, donations can be made through the Manila Sunset Convenience Store.

Manila Sunset is also after donations of pens, notebooks, pencils and the like for sending over to help the kids.

The photos below are from the first charity fundraiser at Campbelltown, the proceeds of which have since been transferred to Pastor Jack.

The proud winner of the Manila Sunset donated jacket.
The shop also donated a $50 voucher for another lucky winner.
Mark from Coloured Star (in white) presents the prize.

Another prize winner is drawn.
This young girl was one of the entertainers on the night and was quite simply amazing. 

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