Anyone who watches the news would know of the recent typhoon to hit the Philippines. Yolanda, said to be the biggest in recorded history, has left the Philippines in a wake of huge death tolls and massive destruction.
  Yes, you are only human if you shed tears. Nobody could possibly watch all that footage and not be moved to do something to help.
  Thankfully there are many ways that this can be done and Manila Sunset is helping by taking food/clothing/shoes/medicinal donations, for sending through the generosity of BM Express and the Philippines Red Cross.
  What started out as an aim for around 2-3 boxes, has grown into a much bigger one for at least 10 boxes full of relief goods to help those thousands who urgently need it.

Every little bit helps those who have lost everything, please consider helping at this desperate time of need.

New/Used Clothes

New/used Shoes
Food products.
Canned goods/with easy open lids.

  Manila Sunset (Narwee) has worked with BM Express for 3.5 years now, and are honoured to be involved in their offer of free freight to help those in need. Thank you to Family Tagle and all the guys down in Minto for giving Aussies a way to help.

Full labeled Balikbayan boxes can be delivered straight to the BM Express Minto office.
Bags of that listed above can be donated for packing through Manila Sunset. Call us for details.
Money remittances can be sent direct to Red Cross Philippines via BM (or other transfer) .

If you wish to follow our progress please check us out on Facebook for the latest. This site will also include photos of packing and delivery of goods to BM.

We would like to thank all our customers, family and friends who have already helped so much.
We would like to particularly thank Michelle Stalgis for going above and beyond in helping us to make a previously dreamed of target. You dad, and my dear friend, Mick, would be so very proud of you.