Yet another wonderful show by Mega Rhythm Productions and our dear friend Conrad.
  We were honoured to attend with my cousin Pia and husband David.
  As a mostly English speaker, I did not get most of Willie's performance - however his impersonation of Erap was mostly understood and much enjoyed.
Atak seemed to be one of the true winners of the night. No matter what the language barrier, ATAK is just hilarious. His antics have you laughing from start to finish. A true Filo star.
  The supporting actors were fantastic, Jayden Rodriges (who I sort of met at the Blacktown Fiesta) was, as always, a full on crowd pleaser.

  Announced on the night was next years visit of Charice - this obviously being popular with the crowd.

  Still, and Conred knows, I still eagerly await Ely Buendia (Pupil), Yeng Constantino and, obviously, Maja Salvador ;-)

Some video footage can be found on our FACEBOOK site.